FINE-2101C – 1 Year warranty

  • A Separate Preset, Drib, Fall Set Display
  • Discharging 2 Step, Feeding 1 Step Control (1,2,3,4 Method)
  • Auto Zero and Auto Tare
  • Simple Comparison Control (Limit Mode), Sequence Control(Packer Mode),
  • Discharging 2 Step Control/Feeding Control 1Step (Discharging Mode), Simple Comparison Control (High/Low Linkage)
  • Standard RS-232C/Current Loop Interface Built-In for PC, PLC, External Equipment.
  • Bulk, Preset- Drib, Preset-Fall Preset, 3Step Control Relay.
  • Auto Free Fall Compensation
  • 1St, 2nd, 3rd./Feeding, Finish/Low, High/Low, Empty 6pcs Relay Built In.
  • Analog Out (Option) Zero / Span Adjustable by Function Key.

Technical Specification:

Conversion: Analog Input & A/D Conversion
Input Sensitivity: 0.2 mv/d
Zero adjustment Range: -4 mV/V min 42m V/V max
Load cell Supply Voltage: DC 10V( 5V)
Max. loadcell Input Voltage: Up to 32mV
Temperature Coefficient: ±20 ppm / °C
Input Noise: ±0.5 IN P.P
Input Impedance: More than 10 MΩ
A/D Conversion: 400,000 Count
Non-Linearity Range: 0.005% of Full Scale
Conversion Method: Dual – Slop (Appr. 50 times / Sec)

Download Brochure FS-2101C Here

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